January Favorites

jan faves

Sorry to start the new year off with a late favorites post…I’ve just been so busy with the Puerto Vallarta video I skipped out on my favorites! But without further adieu, January Favorites!!

  1. Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primers in Smoothing and Mattefying – Boy that was a mouthful! I know I am like the queen of drugstore makeup/products but lately I’ve been branching out into the high end makeup…I blame Jaclyn Hill! She raved about these primers in one of her favorites videos and I thought I would sample them first from Sephora…they’re awesome for that! (frugal pro tip… if you are looking to get samples, act as if you know nothing about the product you’re interested in…chances are the employees will give you a bigger sample amount than if you go in there knowing everything!) Anyway, these are totally worth $37 each…well sort of. I got the travel sizes which are $16 each. But I will definitely buy these again. The smoothing primer helps fill in my black holes of pores and helps with creasing under my eyes when I apply concealer. The mattefying one is an understatement… this will leave you HELLA matte its no freaking joke! I only use the mattefying on my forehead in between my eyebrows because I get SUPER oily there but not so much everywhere else and I still want some luminosity on my face so I look a little radiant.  I recommend this if you have really oily skin all over your face, and if you have combination skin like me, just use it in areas that tend to get shiny.
  2. Depeche Mode – What can I say, I’ve been on a binge listening to them. It’s come on more often on the radio than I’m used to. I have always been a Depeche Mode fan because of my mom, she listened to them when I was growing up. And lately the radio is bumping some bomb ass music lately and I rekindled that love for the 80’s English electro band. Enjoy the silence is a classic and I;; be honest when I say, its been my pump song for heading to the gym!
  3. The Spice and Tea Exchange Crème of Earl Grey tea -I am HUGE fan of tea. Hence why my tagline is nicki”TEA” if you didn’t get that. When I went to new Orleans last year my mom told me that there was a tea store that we should go to. I feel in love with the place, they have such a wide selection of teas, spice, salts, sugars, peppers..its incredible! I found this crème of earl grey that is similar to one you can find at any grocery store but it has a “milky” taste to it. It’s hard to explain but it is by far my favorite tea of ALL TIME! Contains just the perfect amount of caffeine and gets me going through my morning better than a fatty cup of coffee would.
  4. 85°c Bakery – So I heard of this place about a year ago from my mom. Its basically an Asian bakery/café. I think Taiwanese? I could be wrong but there is one conveniently located 2 streets away from Ryan’s house! I have gone there about 2x a month for some sweet treats and my favorite…sea salt COFFEE! But I’m making a point to bring them up now because the company recently reached out to me and asked if they could use one of my pictures from my IG to post on theirs. I was flattered and gave them permission and in return they mailed me 2 free coffee&bread coupons! I haven’t used them yet but I can’t wait. They have a new sea salt coffee flavor, caramel! Which is my favorite! I want to thank them so much for promoting my picture and just being an awesome café. Ya’ll should see the closest near you and try them out!
  5. The Positivity Blog – If you read my previous post, A Happy Person, you’ll know why this blog is so important to me. I don’t want to bore you much with this, but its a blog about self help and learning to become a better person that enjoys life.