New Found Love: A Novel

Well not really… if this is actually a book, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to steal your thunder. But this post will be a bit of a novel, I have a lot more words than I do pictures… so if you like reading, like me again, then enjoy!

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December 2016 Favorites

Wow Tatiana, you really outdone yourself on the procrastination. I can’t even try to explain myself this time around. Other than a cold and pink messing with just everything! Sorry is all I can say. Hope you forgive me! My new years resolution is to be more timely with my posts and personal plans.


Can I tell you how much easier it is to get in reading when someone else is reading to you? I absolutely love this app! I miss reading so much that I made it a part of my new years resolution. I am a pretty good reader as far as speed-reading. But during some “down-time” I technically can’t read because I’m operating heavy machinery… Usually driving. It usually takes me 30 minutes to get to and from work…that’s a lot of down time! So with audible, I am able to fill that time I would normally be listening to music, now listening to the Harry Potter series! The man who reads Harry Potter is very amusing, creating different accents for each character. I am also able to change the speed in which the reader speaks. I usually have it at 1.25x speed but when I want to get through more of a chapter, faster, I’ll bump it up to 1.50x speed.

Escape Salon

Finally treated myself to a proper hair cut in December! I thought it was finally time to fix the hack job my last hairstylist at Supercuts gave me. Nicky Martinez cut my hair and OH MY GOD it was like my hair was being touched by gods! I will say the ONLY thing I was not happy with was how she washed my hair. My hair falls out a lot and I’m always extremely careful about how I wash my hair. I don’t run my fingers through it while it’s wet. I try not to tangle it (I brush my hair prior to showering) and that’s all I felt when my hair was in the wash sink at the salon. I know now to tell her not to overly scrub or finger comb my hair to prevent more hair loss and breakage. But other than that, she did an amazing job listening to what I wanted. She completely made my bad hair cut that I had been growing out for months…just disappear!


Not just any butterbeer, hot butterbeer! I’m not sure when the Wizarding World added HOT butterbeer to their menu…but HOLY COW is it the best thing I have ever tasted! It’s super sweet and creamy…I get whisked away to the magical wizarding world with just one sip. When I first heard the bartender at Hog’s Head pub say they had 3 kinds of butterbeer…I was confused. I thought there was only 2, cold and frozen. So you best believe I shot my hand up in the air and claimed one for myself…even if I had just gotten a Venti hot tea from Starbucks 5 minutes prior. Best $6 dollars I ever spent and will continue to spend everytime I got to Universal. I am sure to take a Lastase pill, you know, just in case.

Kindle Fire

Hate to admit but I’m starting to like the compactness of a kindle. I always hated the idea of technology taking over the world of books. Nothing beats a good paper book, the smell of the crisp pages, the feel of the paper in your fingers while you turn each page, the sound of the crinkles…I love books. But as of right now, not having my own house and a place to store my collection, My Kindle Fire has been the perfect device to curb my book addiction. Like I mentioned before, my New Year’s resolution is to read more often. This makes it easy to download as many books as I want and I don’t have to worry about lugging around several different books in one purse! I like to read multiple books at one time…not sure how healthy that is, but carrying around 3-4 400+ page books is highly impractical. So thankfully my grandma surprised me with this little beauty for Christmas and I amd getting some serious use out of it! I’m about 50% done with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 20% with Touched Caress of Fate, 10% with Everything We Keep, and like 5% of Antony Levay’s Book. Like I said…I’m deep down a really big bookworm. And I love it!

Lock-It Foundation

Holy grail foundation! That’s it. I found the perfect foundation. Enough said. I’m in the color Medium 53 Neutral. Perfect match for my “winter coat” with my tan slowly fading from the summer months. Best $35 spent. Go try it!

Sunglass Spot

I have been craving some new eyewear to go alongside my new “librarian hipster” look I have been rocking lately. And yes I have glasses that are actually PRESCRIBED, but prescribed glasses are hella expensive! They run about $200 a pair! And My vision isn’t too bad, I mainly wear my real glasses when I drive or work at the computer. Otherwise I like to rock some cute fashionable ones! Like clear frame retro cat eyes, or super round floral print ones, even Harry Potter glasses! Like makeup or wigs, it’s a fun accessory to change up! At $5 dollars a pair, I recently got 5 new pairs of clear lens glasses. Just for funsies!