August Favorites

I’ve got a little bit of everything this month!

So Posh!

Just when I learn to be a good frugal adult because I have bills to pay…I fall into the depths that is consumerism. But if there is any light at the end of the tunnel, its second hand and not BRAND NEW or BRAND NAME. I love thrifting, so when I came across POSHMARK (as mentioned in my shoe haul video) I delved deep in that shit! I haven’t gotten too crazy but 4 shoes later and a favorites list the size of my house…you can say its not safe for me and there is no saving me. But like I said, if there is anything redeeming about it, its second hand! Save yourself!

Hair Goddess

I have been blessed mby this wonderful woman Nicky to have come into my life. Before Nicky, I put the life of my hair in the hands of inexperienced stylists, and all to save a buck. But it wasn’t until I decided to bit the bullet did I realize that it’s totally worth splurging on yourself if it means you get EXACTLY THE HAIRCUT YOU WANT! Nicky fixed up a botched bob, and then gave me a trim with bangs, and recently dyed my beautiful brunette hair black! And every time I leave her chair, I can’t stop looking at my new doo! She is so nice and funny and just know her stuff when it comes to short hair! I do plan on growing my locks out, so she will be my go-to gal for keeping the black looking it’s best. It also helps that I don’t wash my hair as much anymore, about 1-2 times a week!

Kesha Album Inspired

So when it comes to being a circus performer, creating a routine is only half the battle. Becoming a character is what I really love. And for my last performance, I needed to transform into a other-worldly Gin (genie) and I channeled an alien because why the hell not. However, most of my makeup is neutrals and dark colors. My alien on the other hand was bright with pink and purple skin…so I needed some help. I would love to splurge on a smashbox palette, but mama got bills to pay! So I opted for Nyx. Now I wouldn’t say it is the best formula, but it definitely got the job done for the price and what I needed. I’m sure if I had all the time in the world and only stuck color on my eye, it would have worked nicer. But like I said, if your short on cash but want some bright color, I’d say give it a try!

Let’s join the Circus!

Yes that’s my bendy back working on getting my contortion in. I absolutely love being a performer and Jypsy’s Performing Arts, have really helped me grow into not just an aerialist, but a performer. I love Nichoel and the way she teaches, but she only works out of The Circus Studio. At Jypsy’s, I have met some of my now closest friends and have been able to really express my creative freedom without worrying if its “family-friendly.” At Jypsy’s its really about empowerment and finding who you are as a woman (or man) and expressing it from deep within rather than just smile and posing for a routine. It’s a very intimate studio but it’s filled with great teachers and fellow circus people that will gladly take you under their tent!

Check out Jypsy’s Performing Arts Studio

Cheeky Kitty

And last but certainly not least… this fucking CAT CASE! this cheeky little fucker really stole my heart! I got this off amazon and was able to get it in 2 days (thanks amazon prime) but I do know it is a dupe for a skate brand (the name escapes me) but I don’t care! Look at it! I never thought I would be one of THOSE people that had an obnoxiously large rubber phone case, but with my new purchase of an iPhone 7 plus, I feel like that thing can slip out of my hand if I breathe. So I got this case both for how it looks but also its just obnoxious enough so I don’t drop it!

Yeah that’s some shit I like right now!

July Favorites

It’s one more month closer to HALLOWEEN! YAS! I am that excited!

Band Tee

So who else hates summer and hates thigh chafing and hates sweaty underboob and hates the cute little outfits that society has programmed us to think we are supposed to wear in the blistering triple digit heat. If you raised your hand then HI FIVE we’re best friends! I have come across a new found “trend” among the alternative world that is so simple that I can’t believe I haven’t freaking tried to combat the hot months… Oversized band tees. what the hell have I been doing living under a rock!? Simple summer hack, just wear oversize band/graphic tees with shorts and BAM you don’t have to worry about people seeing your boob sweat, your chafing thighs, and you don’t have to try and “suck it in” for those “bikini bod” tees. I promise you its like the best thing ever! And since it’s “in” to wear oversize EVERYTHING you’ll look hip while just trying to stay cool with your goth self. I have several bands that I love that I found their merch at thrift stores and depop. You don’t even need to wear band tees (if you don’t want to seem like a “poser”) You can get some cool “travel” shirts that you’d find at like a souvenir shop. I have a Jamaica one, Orlando, Zion Canyon, Maui… just check out the men’s section of your local thrift store, guaranteed baggy shirts for your summer attire! and you can always transfer them over into your winter looks. You can go for a more grungy layered look; just add some flannel, denim jacket, skinnies, boots, and  beanie.

No Puns for Jackfruit

I can’t think of any! But beside that, I decided to buy this marinated jackfruit from my local “vegan friendly” grocery store and HOLY GUACAMOLE! The Tex-Mex jackfruit literally taste like carnitas! Like WTF! get out of here! I was a little confused because I’m like wait this is supposed to be a fruit…but you taste like meat, and you taste like GOOD meat… but you’re a FRUIT! *head explodes* If you’re looking to SPICE up your quick vegan meal options, definitely try this! I put this in a tortilla with some daiya and beans, or my go to lunch for the past 3 weeks: DIY Chipotle Salad Bowl! spinach, Tex-Mex jackfruit, black beans, corn, salsa, tomatoes, avocado, daiya cheese, and homemade vegan sour cream. PERFECTION!

Lumi Foundation

Again, summer sucks. I can’t have anything nice. Can’t do a full face of glam makeup without it sliding off. My winter shades are all too light, even when I try to avoid the sun. SUCKS. But I will say that Loreal’s Lumi Foundation is a life saver. It is a cheap option for summertime makeup so I don’t have to use my expensive makeup and try to darken it. I like the Lumi because it gives a luminescent glow to your face, so you look like your not wearing makeup but you hella are. I use this very lightly and get a nice base so I look a little less unsightly. I do have combination skin so I try to avoid the oily areas or I’ll go ahead and powder areas that are prone to creasing and oiliness. But otherwise, if I have to look presentable in the sweltering heat, I usually reach from my lumi true match.

The thrift store that could have picked a better name

Soooo, 3 way thrift… could have picked a better name for a CHRISTIAN based thrift store… but I guess their minds are so pure they never thought it might get a few laughs. I mean I know why its called 3 way, they donate some profit back to 3 Christian based organizations in the community…but really they didn’t need to call themselves “3 way.” Well lets get our mind out of the gutter now and go on to why I like this thrift store. I have been to this cahin on trift store before but I went to one location and kind of got burnt out on it. Well I decided to take a field trip to their sister location and boy did I hit the jackpot! I don’t know if I have ever gotten so lucky with a thrift haul before! Let me just list everything I got the FIRST time I went:
2 flannels
2 cardigans
2 jeans
5 oversized tees
2 dresses
1 jumpsuit
1 sweat pants
2 Purses
1 watch
2 head scarves
5 bundles of gift bags (like for the holidays for wrapping)
and 1 wonderful pair of “genie” shoes for my circus studio to use as dress up clothes

So yeah, I went a little ham that day… But I don’t regret a single thing! I have since gone back to that thrift store a second time and I found another good lot but nothing to the extent of my first trip (simply cuz I have a mortgage to pay!) So if you are ever in the Chino area, check out 3 way thrift (teehee)


I love cat eyes so much! I found these super cute, retro looking cat eye sunnies on amazon and I love them so much that I got 2, one in red and one in black. A good solid pair of sunnies that wont bend or you wont be sad if they get lost or broken is like a staple in my wardrobe. I think the only sunglasses even “remotely” expensive that I own are only $10. I mean I got my hands on a pair of wildfoxes for only $9 so you can say I own a pair of expensive sunnies but I didn’t pay the big price tag. I just really like cat eye shaped glasses, I think they suit my face the best and they can go pretty much with any outfit.

January 2017 Favorites

So this month is a mix of my favorites and “what I got for my birthday” I got a lot of presents that I truly needed and wanted. I am all about presents that are functional and have a purpose.


So those of you may already know that I got my eyebrows tattooed the beginning of January. And so far I LOVE them! They have mostly healed from the initial peeling/scabbing phase. Usually there is fall out with the ink, which is totally normal. I have experienced a little fall out but from “virgin” eyebrows to what I have now, still MUCH fuller! I only lightly fill in the lighter tattooed areas….like SUPER LIGHTLY! Which only takes me quite literally 2 seconds to fill. My next appointment is in March and that’s when my artist will go back with a darker color to make sure I have semi-permanent fleeky brows! If you are near Los Angeles or NYC, definitely check Roxanne out! She is so nice and knowledgeable, getting something done from her will be like visiting a best friend. She’s a great human being!

Pearly Whites

Ryan, the love of my life, knows me so well! I have wanted an electric toothbrush for over 2 years! I know some may think “A toothbrush…uhm…ok?” Like I said, I love presents that I can actually use! “Filler” presents are such a waste of money. I’d rather get something less than fabulous that I will use everyday than something I will never use and might even re-gift (which I have no problem with, re-use reduce recycle am I right?!) An electric toothbrush is one of those “big girl” purchases that you make as an independent adult that has their shit together in life. And Ryan was awesome enough to find a 2-pack for the BOTH of us! Yay for good oral hygiene!

Resistance Band

Here is another item that I really wanted. I am so committed to aerial, that it has gotten a little expensive for me to take so many classes. But I don’t want my strength and flexibility to suffer as I cut down on classes (as I am in the process of buying a house!) So this little guy will help me with my pull ups, strengthening and flexibility. This is one tension out of a set ranging from 2 pounds to 100+ pounds. I got the 25-80 pound tension to help me with my assisted pull-ups. I’m not strong enough yet to go full out on a pull-up bar, maybe 1-2 good ones then that’s it. The resistance band will help lighten up my body weight so my arms can go longer and really train! This is also a perfect tension for stretching and flexibility. I personally don’t like the super stretchy bands for stretching, I like more rigid bands so there is less stretch when I’m pulling on the band. And as far as strength training, this can easily be used for squats and tricep/bicep curls.


Apparently this was supposed to be a Christmas present but was switch at the last minute and then it was given to me about a month later, gotta love having a birthday so close to Christmas am I right?! Well I have used this baby almost every day since my birthday! I recently saw Passengers with Ryan and I was LIVING for Jennifer Lawrence’s hair! I love my straightener, which I bought myself about a year ago, but just before receiving this present I had just thought, “I think it may be time to get a curling iron, since my hair is getting longer and I am always using Ryan’s moms’ curling iron.” Then BAM, Ryan’s mom, dad, and sister surprised me with this beauty! Talk about Law of Attraction! The picture is not the exact one I got, mine is a limited edition color, gold barrel and a lavender handle. SO PRETTY! This makes curling hair so much faster, well in my opinion. I love that I don’t have to blow dry my hair perfectly to curl it like I usually do with my straightener ( so it’s smooth while going through it) I definitely got the J-Law hair down to a T now!

Tea Time

One for the new house! Well we haven’t gotten our house yet. But we have gotten preapproved so its hunting time! And even though finding a house is one of the most exciting adventures in one life, buying stuff FOR the new house is JUST AS FUN! My mom surprised me with this electric kettle! I know there a several methods to boiling water for tea or hand-drip coffee, but I like this method the best because nothing else goes in the kettle. Strictly water, and you don’t need to use a stove. It claims to heat up in 5 minutes, which is wonderful! I love having all things tea related and now I have my own tea kettle to put in my future house! I feel like such the adult! And after I make my cup of tea and Ryan’s coffee, I can use the boiling water to make our morning oatmeal! I hate microwaving my oatmeal and waiting for the water to boil, so this nifty gadget will work perfectly! Can’t wait to use it!


Another aerial/yoga related present! My grandma got me a yoga wheel for my birthday! I have wanted this for a few months now. I have a exceptionally bendy back, very flexible, but needs strengthening. This yoga wheel interested me for the back flexibility and core strengthening uses. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I’m super excited. There is an exercise that I do in my aerial yoga class that stretches and strengthens my back but I can’t do it at home because I don’t have an aerial hammock (yet) so I wanted to invest in more yoga props that will aid in achieving contortion status like I was in high school! My grandma probably saw my amazon wishlist and was like…”What the heck is that thing?” I can’t wait to use it, I plan to watch a bunch of videos and ask my aerial teachers if they know any cool stretches/exercises that utilize a yoga wheel!


December 2016 Favorites

Wow Tatiana, you really outdone yourself on the procrastination. I can’t even try to explain myself this time around. Other than a cold and pink messing with just everything! Sorry is all I can say. Hope you forgive me! My new years resolution is to be more timely with my posts and personal plans.


Can I tell you how much easier it is to get in reading when someone else is reading to you? I absolutely love this app! I miss reading so much that I made it a part of my new years resolution. I am a pretty good reader as far as speed-reading. But during some “down-time” I technically can’t read because I’m operating heavy machinery… Usually driving. It usually takes me 30 minutes to get to and from work…that’s a lot of down time! So with audible, I am able to fill that time I would normally be listening to music, now listening to the Harry Potter series! The man who reads Harry Potter is very amusing, creating different accents for each character. I am also able to change the speed in which the reader speaks. I usually have it at 1.25x speed but when I want to get through more of a chapter, faster, I’ll bump it up to 1.50x speed.

Escape Salon

Finally treated myself to a proper hair cut in December! I thought it was finally time to fix the hack job my last hairstylist at Supercuts gave me. Nicky Martinez cut my hair and OH MY GOD it was like my hair was being touched by gods! I will say the ONLY thing I was not happy with was how she washed my hair. My hair falls out a lot and I’m always extremely careful about how I wash my hair. I don’t run my fingers through it while it’s wet. I try not to tangle it (I brush my hair prior to showering) and that’s all I felt when my hair was in the wash sink at the salon. I know now to tell her not to overly scrub or finger comb my hair to prevent more hair loss and breakage. But other than that, she did an amazing job listening to what I wanted. She completely made my bad hair cut that I had been growing out for months…just disappear!


Not just any butterbeer, hot butterbeer! I’m not sure when the Wizarding World added HOT butterbeer to their menu…but HOLY COW is it the best thing I have ever tasted! It’s super sweet and creamy…I get whisked away to the magical wizarding world with just one sip. When I first heard the bartender at Hog’s Head pub say they had 3 kinds of butterbeer…I was confused. I thought there was only 2, cold and frozen. So you best believe I shot my hand up in the air and claimed one for myself…even if I had just gotten a Venti hot tea from Starbucks 5 minutes prior. Best $6 dollars I ever spent and will continue to spend everytime I got to Universal. I am sure to take a Lastase pill, you know, just in case.

Kindle Fire

Hate to admit but I’m starting to like the compactness of a kindle. I always hated the idea of technology taking over the world of books. Nothing beats a good paper book, the smell of the crisp pages, the feel of the paper in your fingers while you turn each page, the sound of the crinkles…I love books. But as of right now, not having my own house and a place to store my collection, My Kindle Fire has been the perfect device to curb my book addiction. Like I mentioned before, my New Year’s resolution is to read more often. This makes it easy to download as many books as I want and I don’t have to worry about lugging around several different books in one purse! I like to read multiple books at one time…not sure how healthy that is, but carrying around 3-4 400+ page books is highly impractical. So thankfully my grandma surprised me with this little beauty for Christmas and I amd getting some serious use out of it! I’m about 50% done with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 20% with Touched Caress of Fate, 10% with Everything We Keep, and like 5% of Antony Levay’s Book. Like I said…I’m deep down a really big bookworm. And I love it!

Lock-It Foundation

Holy grail foundation! That’s it. I found the perfect foundation. Enough said. I’m in the color Medium 53 Neutral. Perfect match for my “winter coat” with my tan slowly fading from the summer months. Best $35 spent. Go try it!

Sunglass Spot

I have been craving some new eyewear to go alongside my new “librarian hipster” look I have been rocking lately. And yes I have glasses that are actually PRESCRIBED, but prescribed glasses are hella expensive! They run about $200 a pair! And My vision isn’t too bad, I mainly wear my real glasses when I drive or work at the computer. Otherwise I like to rock some cute fashionable ones! Like clear frame retro cat eyes, or super round floral print ones, even Harry Potter glasses! Like makeup or wigs, it’s a fun accessory to change up! At $5 dollars a pair, I recently got 5 new pairs of clear lens glasses. Just for funsies!


*LATE* October Favorites

Jeez I need to start keeping track of when the months are coming to an end! But time has been flying lately! I’m sorry for being late once again with my favorites. Please forgive me!

Best Black Lipstick

I finally took the plunge and invested in a black liquid lipstick! Now if you know NYX’s lip suede, you’ll know that it’s not overly drying. It still keeps some moisture and velvetiness, so you don’t get the dreaded butt-hole lip! I’m glad NYX expanded this line of liquid lipsticks, they had a good variety before with dark plums and reds. But with October (now come and gone) I wanted to channel my inner goth and get a straight up BLACK lipstick…without breaking the bank. Now I will say this lipstick, though very black, has some greenish/blue undertones. Ryan of all people noticed that, but it isn’t that bad.

Bangs with no strings attached

Lately I have been obsessed with blunt bangs and full fringes. I have had bangs in the past when my hair was a bit long than it is now. But unfortunately, my hair is thin and fine and most of the bang beauties I look up to for inspiration have thick and full hair which makes their fringe look so badass! I wasn’t blessed with that fullness. So I did the next best thing to just hacking away my hair. I bought clip in bangs! I bought mine from QVC and they match perfectly to my hair. Now they do look a bit fake at the top but if I curl my hair or wear a headband you wouldn’t even tell! If you’re looking for a change but are afraid of commitment, clip in bangs are the way to go! Just make sure you look at reference pictures to get your shade correct!

Wigging Out

So I have thrown myself into the world of wigs and I absolutely love it! These two wigs I got from WigIsFashion. The first one I bought was the black and then the witchy purple/grey one. I’ve been sporting them on and off social media. I used to dye my hair ALL THE TIME but since my pixie cut I have stopped. A whole 2 years without dyeing my hair! But I missed the fun colors so I decided to invest in some wigs! These were both $70 bucks which isn’t that bad. I haven’t had any problems with them other than the part looking unnatural. So I only wear them if I am also wearing a beanie, hat, or a headpiece. I love mixing up my look with my wigs now. It can really give a whole new sense to your look and bring it all together. Having the option to go from short brown bob to waist length grey hair is so much fun! So versatile!

The Red wig is from EvaHair and this one cost me $60. This wig….THIS wig…is LIFE! This is my absolute FAVORITE wig out of the 3 (well 4 if you include the bangs) I love how its not too long and has a full ass fringe! It looks the most natural and I don’t have to wear a hat with it at all! I did have to cut the bangs just a bit but I like that they were longer than I needed so I had the option to keep them and style them side swept or (what I ended up doing) going full statement fringe!

Conspiracy Film Theories?

The Film Theorists is a channel on YouTube that I have not been able to STOP watching! I love learning about things and hearing peoples thoughts about conspiracy theories about different things. TFT’s channel breaks down films (from 50 shades of Grey to Zootopia) and dissects possible “hidden meanings” of each film. These theories range from how to kill a non-killable superhero, or how a movie is glorifying cult initiation, and can you really grow potatoes with your own poop! It’s a really awesome channel and there is so much science to back it up as well as a very charismatic host that makes the 10-15 minute videos seem to fly by and pack your noggin with knowledge! It’s quite entertaining, so if you are bored one day and wanna obsess over hidden meanings behind seemingly meaningless movies…well give it a watch!