7 Basic Tips for Improving Your Complexion

Unfortunately, there’s no magic spell or secret skincare ingredient that can instantly transform your skin and improve your complexion. However, combining different healthy habits that don’t have to take a lot of your time can definitely work that magic for you. There’s no easy way to a healthy and radiant complexion so pay attention to the following tips.

1. A healthy diet

You may be tired of hearing this, but if you don’t treat your skin and body the way they deserve from the inside, the outside won’t be able to recover with simple creams and lotions. Your skin needs vitamins and minerals from healthy foods to look youthful. Moreover, if you want to avoid texture issues and dearly want to improve your complexion, apart from eating a lot of fruit and veggies, try to avoid saturated fats, junk food and dairy.

2. Plenty of water

Another oldie but goodie. If you want your complexion to improve, you can’t have dry skin constantly, can you? Therefore, just like your skin needs a boost from the inside with food, it also needs hydration from the inside. That being said, make sure to drink a lot of water. However, not everyone should drink the same amount of water every day. Divide your weight in kg by 30 and the result will show just how many liters you need per day. Proper hydration is a form of detox. That being said, switching coffee for tea from time to time would also be a good idea.

3. Regular physical activity

You can’t escape this one either. After all, physical activity helps the body get rid of harmful toxins. Basically, if you don’t get rid of toxins they are going to make a mess out of your skin. There are plenty of benefits of regular exercising, even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day, but complexion-wise, your skin will also look more supple and radiant. This is because physical activity also boosts blood circulation.

4. A cleansing routine

You have to wash your face at least twice a day. You can choose your cleansing products based on your skin type. That way, even if your skin is naturally on the drier side, you can choose a mild face wash that won’t dry it out even more. Washing your face in the morning can be quick, but in the evening, you should definitely pay more attention to this step. You need to remove makeup and dirt as well as use a proper face wash afterwards.

5. Exfoliate

Not washing your face in the evening can lead to texture issues. What’s more, another cause of texture and clogged pores is also the lack of exfoliation in your routine. Exfoliating your face is necessary at least once a week. You can use natural DIY scrubs or special face cloths and brushes – whatever works best for you. This will also improve your blood circulation and remove even the tiniest particles of dirt and sebum, thus revealing a healthy complexion.

6. Treat your skin well

Of course, there’s also the question of skincare in your routine. Obviously, you should use products that suit your skin type. Even if you have oily skin, don’t forget to moisturize. What’s more, make it a point to visit a cosmetic clinic from time to time, since you’ll get the best possible skin treatment as well as advice about changes you should make in your routine.

7. No fingers!

One of the main reasons your complexion doesn’t look as good as you want it to is because you’re constantly touching your face. You may think that your hands are clean, but the amount of dirt and bacteria that gather on your fingers and nails can be really damaging for your healthy complexion. For example, you may wash your hands and proceed to type something on your computer. You don’t think that your hands are dirty, but a computer keyboard is actually one of the biggest sources of dirt and bacteria in an average household.

Don’t observe the above-mentioned tips as something that will require too much effort on your part. If you think this through, you’ll see that the tips revolve around healthy habits that generally won’t take a drastic amount of time from your day. After all, you still have to eat, drink and treat your skin properly. That being said, the key to radiant, healthy and youthful complexion lies in your ability to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a regular beauty routine. Nothing scary about that, right?



How to Prepare for a Summer Road Trip

Road trips are fun and exciting; there’s no doubt about that! If you’re planning a summer road trip, you probably already feel the excitement. You know, that fire in your belly. Don’t let that fire make you forget about some important things.

You need to make sure that your car is in a perfect condition before you put the pedal to the metal. Here are some important things that you should consider and check before you hit the road.

Air conditioning

If you want your road trip to be pleasant, and you don’t want anyone being cranky in your car, then you have to make sure your air conditioning is working as intended. Switch it on and make it run for some time on full blast settings. If the air coming out is not freezing cold, take it to your local mechanic and let them take a good look at it.

Safety equipment

As they say ‒ safety first. You don’t want to go anywhere without having high visibility jackets, warning triangles, and first aid kits. You never know when your car will break down, or when you’ll need to help a stranger on the road.


Even though you’re planning a summer trip, all-season tires might be a better choice for you because they give a much smoother ride. Of course, don’t forget to check the tire pressure at a gas pump and make sure that the pressure is at the manufacturer’s recommended settings.


Keeping your engine cool is always important, but especially during a summer road trip. Check the guide in your car manual and follow the instructions to check the coolant levels. Ideally, the level should be right between the minimum and maximum markers. If you don’t have a car manual, your best bet would be finding a reliable mobile mechanic. The greatest thing about them is that they come right to you, and they’re very thorough.

If you want to make sure that your car is in a perfect condition for a road trip, make an appointment with them and let them check your car in front of your home.

Windscreen wipers

Don’t laugh! Just because you’re going on a summer road trip that doesn’t mean you won’t need the windscreen wipers that are working as intended! Check that the wipers are running smoothly and thoroughly cleaning your windscreen. If they’re not working perfectly, then buy new ones at any car shop. Be sure to refill your windscreen wiper fluid reservoir, too.


Your driving license and an insurance policy should be with you at all times. Put them in a purse or a box and keep them in your car at all times. If you’re traveling abroad, be sure to check what documentation you’ll need there months before going there. Sometimes getting necessary documentation can be a long process, so you need to apply in time.


What really counts is the journey, not the destination, and what’s better than eating your own road trip food while driving? Prepare some healthy road trip food with your friends before you hit the road and enjoy!

If you don’t want to bring food with you, then you need to find perfect places along the highway where you can get your belly full. Find places that appear on various TV programs and places that are highly rated on Trip Advisor if you don’t want to end up in a bar that looks like a bar from “From Dusk Till Dawn”.


Being entertained during a road trip is equally important as having all your documents with you. Sure, you’ll be entertained because you’re driving, but what about your passengers? Remind them to bring their laptops, iPads or books.


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Everything You Need to Know About Organic Makeup



“Organic” is much more than just one more buzzword in the beauty industry. There is a good reason why green makeup is one of the most talked about trends amongst super models, actresses, and artists. Unlike conventional products, organically produced ones can help your skin keep its youthful appearance for years to come and prevent many health problems that can be caused by toxins and chemicals found in synthetic skincare and makeup. Even synthetically produced makeup sponges and brushes can cause inflammations and allergies, why would you risk with your beauty that way? If organic makeup is still somewhat a mystery to you, here are a few facts that will shed light on it.

Reading Between the Lines

Some manufacturers tend to bend the truth a bit, so be sure to read the label carefully before you grab a supposedly 100 percent organic product. Avoid makeup with ingredients like isododecane, dimethicone, paraffin, sodium laureth sulfate, isohexane, mineral oil, methyl, ethyl, etc.

The True Meaning of Certification

When purchasing an organic (or seemingly organic) product, you will find various stamps on the label. Most of the certifications mean that the product contains organic ingredients – they can also mean they are fulfilling some other standards. For instance, the Soil Association certifies that the product is cruelty free and that it doesn’t contain parabens, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, and other potentially dangerous ingredients.

Different Certifications Have Different Meanings

There are several renowned certification bodies, and they have differently defined standards. Here are some basic things to know about them:

  • Soil Association is the best-known certification board in the UK. It requires that 95% of the ingredients must be organic and that the non-organic part must be non-toxic. It also demands cruelty-free production.
  • Ecocert demands that a minimum of 10% of all ingredients must come from organic farming.
  • BDIH certifies the use of raw materials obtained from controlled biological or wild cultivation.
  • Certech requires that the ingredients used in cosmetic products are certified as organic and that the products are free of any synthetic ingredients.
  • Cosmos standard has come into force recently and it is a unifying standard of Europe’s top certification boards, becoming, as such, the most comprehensive and trusted certification yet.


Organic Makeup Is Just as Effective as Synthetic

Many women avoid organic makeup because they think it doesn’t provide enough coverage or doesn’t last as long as its synthetic counterpart, but the truth is that green makeup can be even more effective. Organic products contain a high concentration of active ingredients which nourish and beautify the skin. According to professionals from Hug Your Skin, synthetic makeup does quite the opposite, since it contains various dangerous chemicals that penetrate through the skin and travel into the body.

There Can Hardly Be a 100% Organic Product

If there is one ingredient that can’t be labeled as organic (except in exceptional cases) that would probably be water. In fact, this is claimed in National Organic Program (NOP) policy. These regulations state that the manufacturers of various products (including makeup) should exclude water when calculating the percentage of organically produced ingredients. That’s why it is more realistic when you see a 95% organic product, than a 100% one.

Both being healthy and beautiful is a matter of making the right choices. Decide to go green with your makeup and you will not regret a day. Just make sure you are well-acquainted with all the rules and regulations to make the best out of organic cosmetics.

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