Creating Healthy Habits

Remember those New Years resolutions… The ones that you made like 6 months ago and probably have forgotten by now?! Well I know I kind of did… Unfortunately it is pretty common that we fall off the bandwagon. Now I’m not talking about skipping the gym…Definitely not! Gym is Life. I would never stop working out. I’m talking about my other small resolutions. To try not to accumulate “stuff” to fill whatever void is missing. I have a tendency to buy things that go untouched. And I have come to realize I’ve been doing this again. As well as taking the little things for granted.


Let me give you an example. I woke up this morning and took a shower. Same routine as always. But I took a peak out the window and felt such a sense of peace and calm. The sky was full of clouds, the sun was still hovering close to the horizon. It was a sense of serenity. And it made my morning so much better. I really soaked in that moment and projected it into my morning and the rest of my day. I enjoyed making breakfast and really tasted the food. I went pretty easy and natural with my makeup. I went on 2 walks during the day even though it started to warm up. It was just a great day.

I have been letting those moments pass me by because I’m in just autopilot to get up, work, work-out, and sleep. And I feel like its been reflecting in other parts of my life. I haven’t been living as frugal as I was at the beginning of the year. And I’m looking back at my resolutions and rekindling that motivation to live. So I have made some small changes in my day to day life.

  • In the morning I like to shower in warm comfortable water at first and then turn it cooler to wake me up and get me ready for the day. And if I’m staying at my moms (she has a bathroom window) to look outside and enjoy the scenery and calm that is before the rest of society wakes up.
  • I make a filling breakfast that I sit and taste the flavors…not just shovel food in my mouth. I do like to watch a nice indie movie on my tablet while eating breakfast (if I’m the only one up) or have a good conversation with Ryan and just be in each others presence.
  • I try to go on a walk during my morning break and lunch time to keep my body busy and not confined to a chair all day. I’ll usually listen to one of my favorite podcasts (if there is a new episode out) or just listen to some good music to keep my energy up.
  • To get me ready for the gym. I do take pre-workout but I like to get in the mood with some good music, whether it be dance music, rock, or dare I say Top 40 hits.
  • Since it’s been getting cooler, I have been doing my makeup more and actually looking pretty glamorous. Which is stress relieving in its own way. But I have spent some money on products that I could have waited for. So I have been limiting my spending money and trying to keep my “Spoil $$” in check. I’ve allowed myself to buy 1 thing a month. Whether it be makeup, clothes, a tattoo, or something I don’t fundamentally need ASAP. I still buy groceries and things I need to “live” but keep my luxury spending at a minimum.
  • I’m slowly weaning off MyFitnessPal too so I can eat more intuitively again. I liked trusting my body to tell me when it’s hungry and full. The thing that’s still difficult is willing deciding to eat healthy and pick foods that are nourishing as well as satisfying. A doughnut is satisfying…but not really nourishing is it?!
  • Once the cooler months come and stay, I plan to go on more hikes with Ryan and go back to shopping the Farmers Market. Even though its not going to a movie or a nice dinner, I really enjoy spending time with Ryan in unconventional ways. We both like farm fresh food and would shop there more often if we were just feeding the 2 of us. That’s also why were taking a break from eating out. To save for our house!