#OOTD Witchy Weekend







Wig: WigIsFashion | Dolman Top: Thrifted (veteran’s thrift) | Black Jeggings: GS-Love | Platforms: h&m | Black Obsidian Crystal Necklace: The Serpents Club | Hat: LA County Fair purchase

What a witchy weekend! I FINALLY found a reason to wear my witchy wig! PUMPKIN PICKING! I did get some weird looks and one lady working the kettle corn booth thought I was in costume. But hey, not everyone understands the October festiveness. I bought this wig from WigIsFashion.com. Its a synthetic lace front wig and I love it! I love my natural hair color but I also love bright and fun colors too. So to save my natural tresses, I wanted to invest in some nice wigs (my black one too) for special occasions! Some wig advice though, I really don’t like how the hairline looks on both my wigs but a quick fix is to wear a hat, beanie, or even a simple chain head piece to cover the weird hairline.

Also, shout-out to The Serpents Club for designing such beautiful jewelry! Emily is an amazing jeweler that creates stunning crystal necklaces, rings, and earrings. Her shop is out of Manchester, England; so if you live internationally to her, shipping will be a bit longer but it is totally worth the wait!! I do plan on purchasing another Leda necklace in Rose Quartz. Please check out her instagram @theserpentsclub

What’s on my face:
Lashes: House of Lashes in Iconic
Lips: NYX Lip Suede in Vintage

insta face

#OOTD October 1st












Sheer Retro Dress: Thrifted | Clogs: Amazon | Bag: DeeLux | Hat: GS-Love |
Belt: Etsy | Jewelry: RockBox | Wig: WigIsFashion.com

Guess what month it is! Oh yeah! OCTOBER! Good lord have I waited so long for this month! My favorite season, my favorite holiday, and Ryan and I’s anniversary day.
So I have made a commitment this month to wear absolutely nothing but BLACK! Yes you heard me! All black all month! I had to invest in a few more (thrifted) black pieces to complete my wardrobe. I have a perfect mix of light fabrics, heavy warm fabrics, skirts, and pants. Along with some old clothes I had, I’ll be able to mix and match all month long! I plan to show you as many of my minimalist goth wardrobe as I can.
This retro sheer dress (vintage is meant to be used for wine) was only a whopping $3.00 at my local thrift store! It was in the “vintage boutique” section and it had no under slip, so I’m assuming thats why it was so cheap. My grandmother would be proud, my first purchase of a dress slip. (my grandmother ALWAYS wore slips in her younger and now-a-days, but it’s not a very common thing to wear now though) I mean I could sport this dress with a body suit of sorts, but I’m going to keep it classy and modest.
Thank you to RocksBox for sending me such beautiful jewelry every month! If you haven’t signed up for RocksBox’s monthly jewelry subscription box, use my code nickiteaxoxo for your first month FREE! I promise you’ll love the designer jewelry they’ll surprise you with each box!


#OOTD Grown-up girl








The other day, I took a look at my wardrobe and came to the realization that I have no nice blouses… All of my tops are cotton or cotton blend. Ok well I do have a few button ups but I only wear those for work. However, I have no tops for a nice brunch, or a family gathering, or a fancy date night! So I decided it was time to take a little trip to Nordstrom’s Rack and treat myself to a fancy blouse. I usually stay away from that place for good reasons. Even though it’s “rack” it can still be a little pricey, and I’m one for finding steals at the thrift store. But I was on a mission to find a nice blouse even if it costs more than some chump change. I found this blouse as well as 2 others that I fell in love with. One good tip for buying expensive clothing; if you can leave the store without buying it and not feel sad you didn’t get it, then you don’t need it. If you know you will be sad if you left the store without it, then get it. Make sense? Basically listen to the buyers remorse feeling.

I also styled my new jewelry piece from RocksBox with my new blouse. I really like this box because it had a mix between this large statement necklace and a small dainty necklace. I like to change up my style and mix and match. For example, My outfit was a bit on the “lighter” side so I decided to slip in some edginess into the outfit. A good way to make an outfit darker is to add some dark bling and accessories so you can show off your darkness even in the dead of summer! And to lighten up a dark outfit (but why would you??) break up the darkness with a long dainty necklace.

If you haven’t checked out RocksBox, definitely take a look! My code nickiteaxoxo is still good till the end of the year and it will get you your first month’s subscription absolutely free!