River Rats

If you asked me what I love about California…I’d not say the beach. *GASP* Scandalous I know, but that’s the honest truth. Yes I love seeing the ocean, listening to the waves, and feeling the sand on my skin. But to be honest, the ocean freaks me out. I don’t like swimming in it AT ALL! I have seen one too many documentaries of people getting limbs amputated from coral growing in there bodies or being stung by jellyfish. The ocean is not for me.

The river, however is another story. I grew up going to the river every summer. I stayed in the water for hours till I was a little brown water baby. I learned to ride seadoos when I was 5. My family took boat trips to the end of the river and swam to the nearest cantina. I love the river! I have been to so many and I always make great memories.

This time around I got to stay at the infamous Grandma Jeralds’ river front house! For 2 years I have always heard about this house but haven’t had a chance to go since grandma Jeralds’ been renting it out. But a week ago, she gave us a call and we got the good news that we could stay for a weekend!

Her house is beautiful! It’s an old adobe style home with 2 levels and (if I remember correctly) 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Both levels have a balcony that overlooks the river which is amazing for drinking coffee in the morning. Another point, she lives about 5 minutes away from Laughlin. So that was a first! Me and Ryan hit up the casinos the first night we got there and had some drinks.

Saturday was strictly relaxing. The Jeralds family took the boat out and we anchored in a sand bar for about 6 hours. One of which we went wakeboarding for a bit. The wind was not letting us have it though. Unfortunately me and Ryan had to drive back Sunday morning because i had work…on a Sunday. Talk about a joy kill right?

But to say the least, the river is my favorite place of California/Arizona/Nevada. I grew up with so many memories on the river and I continue to make them as the years go on. I’m lucky to be sharing them with Ryan, I couldn’t ask for anything more.