A Week of Thrifted Outfits

I recently published a video on the YouTubes and it feels good to be back and blogging and vlogging. Continue reading “A Week of Thrifted Outfits”

Thrift Shop Thursday: Creepers!

Boy oh boy! Did I come up on a thrift find! Like I said before, not every time you thrift you’ll get lucky. I was actually out in Costa Mesa when I found these! I have been wanting a pair of creepers for so long, and when I was ready to buy the low viva suede creepers…they ran out of stock. Such a bummer right!? Well I called and they’ll be restocking soon in April. So even though I found these, I still plan on getting a new pair!

So I used a lot of inspo from my pin board to help me style these. I unfortunately didn’t get pictures of what I wore, but I put together this flat-lay for you so you know what it looked like. We had just got back from Costa Mesa, and I still needed to run errands. I threw off my #OOTD and slipped into something WAY more comfy. I will forever be a jeans and t-shirt girl! The creepers just pulls the outfit together in a punk/alternative way. Ryan absolutely loves them on me. Says they bring out my inner punk style. They are very subtle and not like wearing combat boots…which I’ve owned once upon a time.

So on the left side, I have my Look Human “Pluto” shirt (I recommend buying the heathered tee style shirt, really soft and more form fitting than the regular tee) and some light wash skinnies I got from Kohl’s. It was slightly cold, so I threw on a slouchy cardigan I got from Goodwill as well as my glasses. (My eyes were hurting by the end of the day!) Very simple, comfy yet ever-so-slightly punk. Love!

Now on the left is something I’ve envisioned. I have all the pieces (except the cool cat bag) and I think this mix ill give off a punk Londoner look. Black high waist jeans and a loose fitting top, toped with a bowler hat and denim jacket…Put together, but can still kick some ass!There are a bunch of other ways I plan to wear these creepers. I’ve seen high waist shorts, floral dresses, and even some #TBT 90’s grunge flannel.

Creepers are very versatile and they come in all sorts of designs, color, heights…you name it! I prefer the low sole, black leather or suede ones. However there WAS a maroon pair at buffalo exchange I almost bought! lol!