Spring Stevie

Stevie Nicks is one of my all time favorite artists. She is a magical, mystical gothy witch that breathes life into my soul through her enchanting melodies. She is the perfect singer for any turn of the season occasion. Almost every song has some feel of seasons to it. I can listen to fast paced dance-like-no-one-is-watching “Stand Back” in the summer time. Or I will be whisked away into a winter wonderland with “Sarah”. Or flow with fleeting sun with an autumn evening “Nightbird.”
Spring time reminds me of “Gypsy.” Or vice versa. Just being care-free and not having to be anywhere at any time. Just enjoying life as a free soul. This springtime outfit embodies both new life and Stevie. Long flowy dresses with large printed flowers are always a staple for spring season. However adding this corset waist belt adds a touch of edginess that breaks up the typical bubbly flower pattern. This dress also has a hint of industrial-ness with a trim of eyelets around the plunging neckline. I think Stevie would approve.

Dress: XXI (similar) | Belt: Amazon | Platforms: Amazon | Wig: WigTypes

Wiggy Wednesday #2

img_5004 img_5039 img_5028

So this is the second synthetic wig I bought. I got it from WigIsFashion.com (same as my black wig) And as much as I wish to love it… I think this is the wig I like the least. This wig is almost too long and just looks a bit stringy. There is no body like my black one. I think it would look good in Wednesday Adam braids, for some kind of Khaleesi hair style. But otherwise, this wig is, in my personal opinion, lifeless.



  • Nice pastel fashion color
  • Thick density
  • Long length
  • Multiple combs and adjustable straps
  • 150°C heat resistant or 300°F


  • Long and stringy (no bounce, no layers)
  • Small parting space (even though its a lace front, recent wigs I’ve gotten have a deeper part and look more natural)
  • Middle part (just a preference, I’m not a big fan of middle parts or “pushed back” parts)
  • Tangles (though this is common with long wigs around the nape of the neck)
  • Expensive (I have recently purchased wigs that cost a 1/3 of the price of this one)
  • Needs extra hairline plucking (not everyone’s hairline is so full)
  • SYNTHETIC (may look too wiggy for some people)

Where to buy

WigIsFashion.com (sold out as of now)

Final Thoughts

So I had a hard time making this part look realistic. Like a REALLY hard time. I shifted the part to a slight side part to help with the unnatural look it has. I still would probably only wear this wig with a hat. This was my first “fashion color” wig and since purchasing this one, I have learned what kind of grey works with my skin tone. I have seen some people pull this wig off beautifully, but for me… kind of a case of buyers remorse. But don’t let my opinion sway you, if you feel like you can rock it then by all means ROCK IT!

Wiggy Wednesday

I’m sure you all can tell that I have a growing obsession with wigs… I just can’t seem to get enough of them! So I first started wanting a wig when I watched Glam&Gore’s video about her wig collection. Then I watched Alexa Poletti’s wig series… And I knew I needed one. I used to be a serial box hair dyer fiend! But ever since the “big chop,” I have given up on dyeing my hair. Its literally been 12 years since I have seen my natural hair color. Yes I have been dyeing my hair THAT LONG! Don’t get me wrong, I love my natural hair and I’m happy that its natural and unprocessed. But I do get bored with how it looks, both the length and color. So that solidified my decision further into venturing into the world of wigs!

I want to tell you a little bit about each wig I have got so far… yes I actually have more coming 🙂

So this is the first SYNTHETIC wig I bought. I got it from WigIsFashion.com and, up until my red bang wig, it was my favorite. When I dyed my hair, most of the time it was black. I think I looked the best with black hair. I felt like it suited me nicely. And thankfully I have naturally dark eyebrows, so I’m not trying to fill them in with sharpie. So this was an obvious first choice wig for me. Black hair was not a crazy color (yet) and I know I pulled it off once before, so I know I could pull it off again.



  • Looks very natural when brushed out.
  • Thick density
  • Lovely bounce and layers
  • Multiple combs and adjustable straps
  • 150°C heat resistant (via website) 300°F for American rebels! (ya know, we hate the metric system lol)


  • Small parting space (even though its a lace front, recent wigs I’ve gotten have a deeper part and look more natural)
  • Middle part (just a preference, I’m not a big fan of middle parts or “pushed back” parts)
  • Tangles (though this is common with long wigs around the nape of the neck)
  • Expensive (I have recently purchased wigs that cost a 1/3 of the price of this one)
  • Needs extra hairline plucking (not everyone’s hairline is so full)
  • SYNTHETIC (may look too wiggy for some people)

Where to buy


Like I mentioned in my con, this wig (well the first 3 wigs I got) were hella expensive! But the only thing I can think of that justifies that price is the density. This is a very dense wig. In other words, there is a LOT of hair! So you wont be seeing tracks or your natural hair if it is lighter than the wig color.

Final Thoughts

Its a nice wig and looks great straight out of the box. You will need to cut the extra lace and pluck the hairline for a natural look. If you want your first wig to be a nice wig with a pretty price tag, then splurge! I mean its not the most expensive wig ever but for frugal budgets, it gets pricey. I know I mentioned a lot of cons but over all, it’s a nice wig. I’m just picky since I have gotten more.

*LATE* October Favorites

Jeez I need to start keeping track of when the months are coming to an end! But time has been flying lately! I’m sorry for being late once again with my favorites. Please forgive me!

Best Black Lipstick

I finally took the plunge and invested in a black liquid lipstick! Now if you know NYX’s lip suede, you’ll know that it’s not overly drying. It still keeps some moisture and velvetiness, so you don’t get the dreaded butt-hole lip! I’m glad NYX expanded this line of liquid lipsticks, they had a good variety before with dark plums and reds. But with October (now come and gone) I wanted to channel my inner goth and get a straight up BLACK lipstick…without breaking the bank. Now I will say this lipstick, though very black, has some greenish/blue undertones. Ryan of all people noticed that, but it isn’t that bad.

Bangs with no strings attached

Lately I have been obsessed with blunt bangs and full fringes. I have had bangs in the past when my hair was a bit long than it is now. But unfortunately, my hair is thin and fine and most of the bang beauties I look up to for inspiration have thick and full hair which makes their fringe look so badass! I wasn’t blessed with that fullness. So I did the next best thing to just hacking away my hair. I bought clip in bangs! I bought mine from QVC and they match perfectly to my hair. Now they do look a bit fake at the top but if I curl my hair or wear a headband you wouldn’t even tell! If you’re looking for a change but are afraid of commitment, clip in bangs are the way to go! Just make sure you look at reference pictures to get your shade correct!

Wigging Out

So I have thrown myself into the world of wigs and I absolutely love it! These two wigs I got from WigIsFashion. The first one I bought was the black and then the witchy purple/grey one. I’ve been sporting them on and off social media. I used to dye my hair ALL THE TIME but since my pixie cut I have stopped. A whole 2 years without dyeing my hair! But I missed the fun colors so I decided to invest in some wigs! These were both $70 bucks which isn’t that bad. I haven’t had any problems with them other than the part looking unnatural. So I only wear them if I am also wearing a beanie, hat, or a headpiece. I love mixing up my look with my wigs now. It can really give a whole new sense to your look and bring it all together. Having the option to go from short brown bob to waist length grey hair is so much fun! So versatile!

The Red wig is from EvaHair and this one cost me $60. This wig….THIS wig…is LIFE! This is my absolute FAVORITE wig out of the 3 (well 4 if you include the bangs) I love how its not too long and has a full ass fringe! It looks the most natural and I don’t have to wear a hat with it at all! I did have to cut the bangs just a bit but I like that they were longer than I needed so I had the option to keep them and style them side swept or (what I ended up doing) going full statement fringe!

Conspiracy Film Theories?

The Film Theorists is a channel on YouTube that I have not been able to STOP watching! I love learning about things and hearing peoples thoughts about conspiracy theories about different things. TFT’s channel breaks down films (from 50 shades of Grey to Zootopia) and dissects possible “hidden meanings” of each film. These theories range from how to kill a non-killable superhero, or how a movie is glorifying cult initiation, and can you really grow potatoes with your own poop! It’s a really awesome channel and there is so much science to back it up as well as a very charismatic host that makes the 10-15 minute videos seem to fly by and pack your noggin with knowledge! It’s quite entertaining, so if you are bored one day and wanna obsess over hidden meanings behind seemingly meaningless movies…well give it a watch!



#OOTD Witchy Weekend







Wig: WigIsFashion | Dolman Top: Thrifted (veteran’s thrift) | Black Jeggings: GS-Love | Platforms: h&m | Black Obsidian Crystal Necklace: The Serpents Club | Hat: LA County Fair purchase

What a witchy weekend! I FINALLY found a reason to wear my witchy wig! PUMPKIN PICKING! I did get some weird looks and one lady working the kettle corn booth thought I was in costume. But hey, not everyone understands the October festiveness. I bought this wig from WigIsFashion.com. Its a synthetic lace front wig and I love it! I love my natural hair color but I also love bright and fun colors too. So to save my natural tresses, I wanted to invest in some nice wigs (my black one too) for special occasions! Some wig advice though, I really don’t like how the hairline looks on both my wigs but a quick fix is to wear a hat, beanie, or even a simple chain head piece to cover the weird hairline.

Also, shout-out to The Serpents Club for designing such beautiful jewelry! Emily is an amazing jeweler that creates stunning crystal necklaces, rings, and earrings. Her shop is out of Manchester, England; so if you live internationally to her, shipping will be a bit longer but it is totally worth the wait!! I do plan on purchasing another Leda necklace in Rose Quartz. Please check out her instagram @theserpentsclub

What’s on my face:
Lashes: House of Lashes in Iconic
Lips: NYX Lip Suede in Vintage

insta face

#OOTD October 1st












Sheer Retro Dress: Thrifted | Clogs: Amazon | Bag: DeeLux | Hat: GS-Love |
Belt: Etsy | Jewelry: RockBox | Wig: WigIsFashion.com

Guess what month it is! Oh yeah! OCTOBER! Good lord have I waited so long for this month! My favorite season, my favorite holiday, and Ryan and I’s anniversary day.
So I have made a commitment this month to wear absolutely nothing but BLACK! Yes you heard me! All black all month! I had to invest in a few more (thrifted) black pieces to complete my wardrobe. I have a perfect mix of light fabrics, heavy warm fabrics, skirts, and pants. Along with some old clothes I had, I’ll be able to mix and match all month long! I plan to show you as many of my minimalist goth wardrobe as I can.
This retro sheer dress (vintage is meant to be used for wine) was only a whopping $3.00 at my local thrift store! It was in the “vintage boutique” section and it had no under slip, so I’m assuming thats why it was so cheap. My grandmother would be proud, my first purchase of a dress slip. (my grandmother ALWAYS wore slips in her younger and now-a-days, but it’s not a very common thing to wear now though) I mean I could sport this dress with a body suit of sorts, but I’m going to keep it classy and modest.
Thank you to RocksBox for sending me such beautiful jewelry every month! If you haven’t signed up for RocksBox’s monthly jewelry subscription box, use my code nickiteaxoxo for your first month FREE! I promise you’ll love the designer jewelry they’ll surprise you with each box!