All about my life and living with tattoos. Now living in today’s society with tattoos has become easier and easier. But I’m still faced with challenges on a day-to-day basis.

  1. I have to dress appropriately for work and other professional functions.
  2. I have to deal with cat-callers, nosy people, and rude remarks.
  3. I get to be apart of a beautiful and mysterious sub-culture.

I got my first tattoo at 18. My mom INSISTED I wait until I was even legally able to get a tattoo. And I am extremely glad I did. Some of the stuff I wanted at 15…definitely questionable now. However, for my first tattoo I got the one thing everyone says not to get. “A tattoo for a boyfriend” Yup…what a mistake. But in my defense, it wasn’t his name.

If I have to count how many tattoos I have, I’d say 11 individually… However some pieces have been morphed together to make a whole piece… Basically I have a sleeve, a chest piece, a stomach piece, and 2 “basic-white-girl” tattoos. Each tattoo has a meaning and is important to me.

Because I work in a professional setting, I have to cover ALL my tattoos and body piercings. Sometimes it’s a pain in the ass but I love my job and it pays the bills, so I’ll suck it up. Yet it is hard to find clothes that completely cover some tattoos. My chest for example, can be tricky. I’m usually wearing crew neck work T-shirts or fancy collar button ups. I hardly go shopping for normal every-day clothes because I subconsciously think “Could I wear this to work?” and most of women’s blouses are made to show off some skin, so I usually just stick to buying gym clothes. Boat necks are my current favorite top to wear. 3/4 sleeves are a PLUS! Having (almost) a sleeve, I also keep in mind that my arms need to be covered. Usually you will see me in a cardi or hoodie. I do have cover sleeves, one black and one flesh. But I usually wear these on hotter days when it’s too warm to wear a jacket.

With great tattoos,comes great annoying ass labels…

The Rebel. Some people see a person (especially a female) with tattoos and are quick to assume that she’s rebelling against society. Or maybe she has some “daddy issues.”

The Trouble-maker. Usually I get this when I’m in a “high-class” area where there are a lot of “richies” (excuse the Pretty in Pink reference) They are quick to assume I’m going to steal their children, or I’m apart of a gang, or I’m going start a fight.

The Misfit. I just don’t belong. No one understands me. Some stupid “emo” crap.

To set the record straight, I have tattoos because I love them. I was exposed to this body modification at a young age and was always fascinated by it. My mom has tattoos, my uncle has tattoos…even my grandma has tattoos! It’s a type of art form and being an artist, it simply suits me.

The most annoying thing about having tattoos has to be the cat-callers.

I get all types of attention from my tattoos. Especially my chest piece. Not many women have a giant tattoo covering their cleavage, so of course guys usually notice that first about me. I get gawked, whistled, and hollered at but it all just phases me now. I’ll be at the store with sweats on, no make-up and messy hair and guys will still try to “compliment” my tattoos. Like really dude? I just came here to buy toilet paper.

What’s almost as bad as cat-callers, are the extraordinarily nosy people. I know they’re just curious about why I have a blue telephone box on my shoulder or a recycle symbol on my neck. But I know nothing about you, you’re a complete stranger…so why would I tell you the entire story about why I got my tattoo?

What I find enjoyable, is when I get really rude stares and gossiping (usually from the elderly crowd.) They don’t realize that I’m actually a nice person. I try to make an effort to be really nice to these people so they can get that awful stigma about tattooed people out of their head. I’m slowly trying to break the mold that all people with tattoos are no-good-people-with-a-bad-agenda.

But above all, I love being apart of this sub-culture. I’ve worked alongside some fantastic artists, met great people with interesting stories, and seen beautiful artwork that just takes my breath away. Most people I’ve met within this culture have been nice and just simply badass. I’ve learned so much about the art of tattooing and I’m glad to be apart of that tattoo world.

5 thoughts on “Tattoos

  1. I can completely empathize with your post. I’m a young, professional woman myself going to graduate school for counseling. I tend to always find myself covering my tattoos in some way or another because it becomes so hard to deal with the judgment. Yet, what they all fail to realize that I’m a nice person as well. I volunteer, get straight A’s, in a serious and committed relationship. Yet I have still done something wrong. Your post has inspired me to be proud of my tattoos. They are a part of me and all mean something. I have a half-sleeve American traditional and many more. I plan on getting a full sleeve! Thank you for your words and a glimpse into your life. I think you’re lovely and are a leading cause into tattoos becoming an appreciation, rather than a hindrance.

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. You deserve to feel totally and completely accepted with your wonderful tattoos. We will change this world soon to be bore accepting and loving. 🙂


      1. Thank you for the kind words! Regarding tattoos, I had a question on how you keep yours so vibrant. I’m finding myself becoming worried about sun exposure (I live in Arizona, so hot!). It’s near impossible to wear a jacket during the summer. Is there anything special that you do during the summer months to keep them vibrant and beautiful despite sun exposure??

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      2. Well I work at a place that requires to have tattoos covered so I’m always wearing long sleeves or an arm cover. But otherwise, spf 50 sunscreen all the time! And if you can help it, stay in the shade or cover your arm when driving in the sun. Hope that helps!


  2. I’m in my 50’s and didn’t start getting tattooed until age 50. Maybe because I grew up in another generation, I’m reluctant to let my tattoos show in professional and many social situations, so I rather obsessively cover up. I’d like to feel more comfortable out in public with my tattoos showing in non-professional situations, but its hard for me to get past that threshold. However I’m ok with with the cover-up routine. I have to say say that in a weird way I like that I have to cover them. I like having a secret, I like knowing that I’m different, and that few people know that. I like that I have to go to some extra effort because of my tattoos, and that they have changed my daily routine. Sometimes after I get dressed for some professional event, after carefully verifying that everything is covered, I feel quite self-satisfied, “Neat! Nobody will ever know!” I guess it is like tending a rose garden: it really takes a lot of work, but I enjoy the discipline of having to do the work because of the result.


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